IHA exists to meet community needs through the provision of personalized, high quality health and medical services to its patients in a manner which results in high levels of patient satisfaction with clinical quality, services, accessibility and value.


In order to remember this philosophy in a way that is easily retained in our everyday work environment, IHA has developed the IHA CARES core values. These values are:

  • Commitment - IHA is committed to providing quality care. IHA believes its strength is in the quality of its provider, clinical and administrative staff. We strive to maintain the highest level of quality care by using the highest-quality equipment and procedures. You will need to help us to ensure that our patients receive that quality care.
  • Advocacy - We at IHA must act as advocates for our patients. Our patients put their trust in our providers and staff to care for them and represent their needs. IHA strives to gain trust from our patients by truly understanding and empathizing with their medical needs. Our patients should feel that we are working with them and will care for them throughout their entire lifetime.
  • Respect - IHA believes that the foundation of a trusting relationship is mutual respect. Our patients should always feel that they are respected as individuals. The employees and providers of IHA should show respect for one another in all of their interactions.
  • Efficiency - While we ensure quality care, act as advocates for our patients, and develop respectful relationships with them, we must also be conscious of caring for our patients in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Service - IHA is dedicated to service excellence to both our internal and external customers. Providing appropriate and compassionate care services is the basis of what we do. IHA will continually strive to deliver exceptional customer service to our patients, their families, and our co-workers. We are empowered to take ownership of customer requests, and we are expected and encouraged to follow through on solutions.

Each provider is expected to practice these values everyday that they dedicate time and efforts to our offices.


Interested in learning more about IHA or submitting your CV? Contact Physician Recruitment Coordinator Mandy Daniels at considerIHA@ihacares.com or 734.887.0632.